There’s only one track on their at the moment, a few more on their soundcloud – and this is the one that drew me to them:

Riot !n Magenta – CTRL

Riot !n Magenta - CTRL demo (2011)

The first thing that came to mind when the intro hit was “Yes! This year’s Until We Bleed!”. It has a similar loop and Ibiza chill style to it. Minimal synth but less of the ethereal Lykke Li vocal, more…control. (!!)

Riot !n Magenta are singer-songwriter Eugenia Yip and keyboardist/producer Hayashida Ken from Singapore – and thank you to Dan & Brian for sending me their way.

Thinking of building a playlist – any more to go with these two…?  Fish Go Deep and DJ NG ft. the now massive Katy B to start.