Active Child - You Are All I See (2011)

Second of the other people’s top tracks – we have some picks from our Austin-based drummer/pianist/remixer/ graphics whizz:

1. Active Child – Hanging On

This was described to me as a ‘more mature James Blake‘ and I have to say – I can see it. Nothing altered about this, for me it has an ethereal sense and is entirely about the harp and the man behind it, Pat Grossi. Another gig I wish I had been at, Active Child at St. Pancras Old Church back in October.

2. Alabama Shakes – You Ain’t Alone

A bit of a cheat as the actual track on the list was Hold On, but You Ain’t Alone is my favourite because of the bluesy-soulful vibe to it. They’ve already been on the MTV O Music Awards and were named Paste Magazine’s New Band of 2011 – can’t wait to see what comes for them next year. A collaboration with The Black Keys…?