Claire Nicolson - You and I (2011)

Instead of adding to the array of top 10 [insert music-related item here] of 2011 lists that are coming out as the end of the year approaches – I mean, let’s face it, I’ve probably written about most of the tracks/albums/gigs that would feature on my lists in one way or another up here already – I thought this year I’d try a different tack.

So this is the first of a few posts picking up on the 2-3 tracks from each of my work-folks’ lists from this year that I haven’t Mused about before, but I feel deserve a mention.

First up, our resident producer with a penchant for running tracks:

1. Claire Nicolson – You and I

Kicking off with my favourite isn’t usually a good idea but I can’t keep it to myself until the end – this just makes me smile. It’s floating around a ballroom dressed in ice blue in the arms of your prince charming, or ice-skating under the stars on a romantic winters’ eve, or soaring above the clouds in your very own Lois Lane-Superman montage moment. Beautiful.

2. THEESatisfaction – Mourning

They came out of a Shabazz Palaces gig I ended up missing, and are just the smoothest female hip hop duo I can think of. They’d fit just as well in the times of A Tribe Called Quest (that’s a Ghostpoet link) for me and I’m definitely going to be keeping an ear out for more shows. A ‘wish I had been there’ moment.

More coming up….