Kopecky Family Band - Of Epic Proportions (2010)

As if this song wasn’t sweet enough already – most people in my general age-range tend to think of 11 year old Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky and their awkward yet heartwarming “first Kiss”.

I came across this beautiful heart-on-sleeve acapella poolside rendition from two of the Kopecky Family Band – I think Gabe & Kelsey:

Kopecky Family Band – My Girl

The band are recording some new tracks that should be out later this year, and in the meantime you can buy the Of Epic Proportions EP from their website.

I don’t think there’s a studio recording of their version of “My Girl” available – if there is, I couldn’t find it – but I’d really love an mp3 of it if anyone can help me out with where to get one?

I’d like to play it to my l’il niece, please.