Friends - I'm His Girl (2011)

Serious contender for my track of the year – they could only be from New York or Sweden, such is the level of cool undeniably exuded by every beat.

Similarly stylish as Lykke Li – Get Some and Charlotte Gainsbourg – Trick Pony…maybe Lindstrøm and Christabelle – Lovesick, if someone doesn’t sync it for a Gossip Girl/90210/Grey’s Anatomy type show in the near future I for one will be shaking my head and tutting.

Friends – I’m His Girl [hypem]

Released on Lucky Numbers Music on Halloween this year and their first single “Friend Crush” Limited Edition Vinyl 7″ sold out on pre-order alone.

I’m going to see them at The Lexington in February (yes, February 2012) on the strength of these two tracks alone. There’s no way they can be not good. Right?