Beyoncé – 4 (2011)

This woman is a living legend. I made the mistake of offering her up as a “guilty pleasure” to go on our board at work and was shot down straight away with the words “Beyoncé is not a guilty pleasure”. Unintentional insult withdrawn.

I love her latest album – from the girl-power tunes in “Best Thing I Never Had” and floor-filler “Run The World (Girls)”  to Gloria Estefan homage (;)) “End of Time” and this one:

Beyoncé – I Care

Such a hairbrush in front of mirror moment every time this track comes on – with non-guitar guitar solo worthy of Slash himself. Genius.

I know a lot of folks were excited about Rhianna’s series of gigs at the o2 last week, and I’m sure they were good, but this is one artist I would love to see live.

If you haven’t yet seen this routine from this year’s Billboard Awards, check it out – stunning.