Mono Solo - Shane Alexander (2010)

I miss my old friends right now.

This will mean nothing at all to most people but Angela, Mary (a long time ago) & Kaj have moved overseas, plus Mon away temporarily…Sal, Ali and my school & uni mates are around but I see them once or twice a month at best, James doesn’t sit close enough to eat my lunch anymore, Bij, Sonia, Nehal don’t live 5 minutes down the road anymore…

Don’t get me wrong, they’re still great friends of mine, and I’ve also made some fantastic new ones – but it isn’t the same as huddling around the lunch tables with a cup of instant coffee at school break times to catch up on the latest gossip, or walking down the corridor in halls to see if anyone wants to head down to the college bar…or even burning the late-night  Excel oil in solidarity with tricolore salad & mushroom tortellini.

The time to catch up with nearest & dearest used to be either as easy as going to the kitchen in your own house, or set aside for you  in a structured….or enforced ;)… fashion. Now we actually have to make an effort in advance, arrange to meet somewhere central, work around each others’ schedules, risk last-minute cancellations and, for overseas friends…rely on skype.

We mostly tend to get together for birthdays, house-warmings, engagements, weddings – it’s still great, but not as familiar.

I rarely post links to songs on MySpace, but feel like it might be appropriate for my nostalgia on this occasion.

Shane Alexander – Keep You In Mind

Here’s his official site – his name is Shane Alexander, he’s from LA California, and this song is from his fourth album, Mono Solo.

One for the changing times.