Great Escape Festival 2011

A lot of my highlights of TGE 2010 were entirely unexpected – yes I loved Warpaint, purposely went to see Sleigh Bells (though didn’t really know much about them at that point), Chew Lips, The Big Pink, Crystal Fighters, The Ruby Suns, White Rabbits but there were also Hungry Kids of Hungary, Teenagers in Tokyo, Pony Pony Run Run who I’d never heard of but would gladly see again.

Trying to plan a little better for this year’s Great Escape, at least in the sense of actually listening to the official spotify playlist to pick out a few bands from the 300+ line-up I’d like to try and see.

Here’s my HitList of 41 bands – some I know and love, some I was intrigued by on first listen, some are other folks’ recommendations. Of those (in no particular order):

Alela Diane – I’m really not a fan of country music but I bought her new album…tinged with prairie-folk

The Naked And Famous –  Electro-indie is not dead…this song sounds kind of Passion Pit. One of the BBC’s Sound of 2011.

Nedry – Dark and dubby they kind of remind me of My Toys Like Me but with more bass.

Winter Gloves – One of my favourites. Raspy indie vocal with electronic & glock sounds…

Grouplove – Great vocal and to be honest I just want to be in a crowd that goes ‘huh. . . . hah. . . .’ in unison.

Ben Howard – Give this one time. When the vocal kicked in he gave me chills I haven’t felt since Ray LaMontagne.

Niki & the Dove – Dirty-electro 80s-tinged Fever Ray.

Ghostpoet – Experimental Hip Hop I missed in London.

Alpines – Kind of witch house but also experimental post-R&B.

Breton – When do I NOT want to see Breton?

Foster The People – Love the swagger on this track, hope the rest is as good. Willing to take a punt.

Paris Suit Yourself – This is my French Archie Bronson Outfit of the festival.

Dark Dark Dark – Beautiful chamber folk. Seeing them in London when I get back too.

Creep – Good luck getting into this one (I know I won’t be able to!)…lead track ft. Romy XX

There are more on the playlist – keen for tips…is there anything I’m missing that I shouldn’t? I’m guessing yes as I’ve only picked out 41 of 300+ bands!

Reckon this year’s going to be even better…