Wye Oak - Civilian (2011)

This is from Wye Oak’s Mar 2011 album, Civilian. Was a little confused just now by the fact that City Slang‘s site says May 4th rather than March 4th and was wondering how we7 managed to get themselves a 2-month pre-release exclusive.

Wye Oak – The Alter

Hazy and textured layers of immersive sound, this song would be the soundtrack to my soaring over the city…exploring it from the skies. As long as it wasn’t snowing.

The band are Jenn Wasner & Andy Stack, and this is the third studio album from the Baltimore duo who are named after the honorary state tree of Maryland. This and the less dreamy, more rocky “Holy Holy” are the two memorable tracks for me from the release – this one more so because of the harmonised vocals and the build.

They’re coming to London to end their UK/EU tour this Summer – playing the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen and you can get tickets here.