Jay Haze - I Wait For You (ft. Laila Tov) (2010)

From DJ & Producer Jay Haze’s “final” (third?) album, Love=Evolution, out on his own German label Contexterrior, this was originally released as a single in October 2010.

Jay Haze – I Wait For You (ft. Laila Tov)

I love the way it starts as nothing…then the supporting melody kicks in…then a vocal riff…then the beats…slowly drawing you in before it builds into what I reckon will be, or at least should be a massive house track.

It’s dark – like something unearthly burning beneath the surface of an everyday cityscape, that you can only find if you know where to look.

Plus it’s in Spanish, which is an automatic push into enigma and mystery for me…can vaguely decipher but not quite.

I’d put this up there with Kleerup ft. Lykke Li right now – but let’s see if it holds. Full album out now, released 29/01/2011.