Salva - Complex Housing (2011)

I just went to update The 10 and realised pretty much nothing I’m listening to frequently these days is on Spotify. Not sure whether that indicates something about the music I’m listening to or about Spotify…but that’s why it’s been left at the 1 Oct 2010 list for now.

This is one of the tracks that would be on the list, if it were available – it’s one that has come out of nowhere, is completely against the vocal grain that’s been running through my posts lately and I cannot stop listening to it.

Salva – Blue

Found on Stereogum a couple of weeks ago it’s a track from 29 year old San Francisco-based producer Paul Salva and features on his debut full-length, Complex Housing (Friends of Friends 08/02/2011).

It’s starts off with a minimal synth and what reminds me of the ‘clap’ sound on the old Casio keyboard I stupidly asked for as a birthday gift when I was about 12. Seduced by the multitude of buttons and settings I seem to have ignored the fact that half-size keys would never work in the long-term.

After the first funk riff kicks in it descends into various degrees of crazy in a few 20s step-changes before pulling back again. But aside from that – check out the insane album cover!

Most of my friends are into indie…or R&B at the other extreme – so I was asking where I should go to dance to this stuff. Anyone up for some Plastic People?