Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go (2010)

Sitting at home with flu-type symptoms and a sore throat, I was catching up on Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 (thank you Sky Player!) – and heard this song:

Dark Dark Dark – Daydreaming

TV shows like Grey’s are such a great showcase, not just for finding new music, but also for rediscovering music floating around the outskirts of your memory. I found this track last year on a blog and tucked it away in an ‘I like this’ playlist somewhere on my work mac but pretty much forgot about it otherwise.

It’s hopeful and optimistic on the surface but with a wistful and melancholy subtext hinted at by the piano which, though playful, is also tinged with sadness. Daydreaming about wanting to be somewhere else.

It’s perfect for the scene it backdrops – Grey’s Season 7, episode 7, it comes in when Arizona and Callie are arguing in the airport: Arizona hopeful in her move to Malawi to work with children needing surgery, ready to live her dream, and Callie going against her own dreams to follow Arizona in hers. “Oh if you knew what it meant to me”.

Trying really hard not to give away the plot line here…

The song is from the latest LP, ‘Wild Go’, by Dark Dark Dark – released on Supply & Demand Music in October last year and you can get it for free by signing up to their mailing list.

They’re a six-piece chamber-folk group who look like a they could be a family – playing at The Tabernacle on 18 May.