Wise Blood - Loud Mouths (2010)

I did say there was another voice coming – here it is, and for a totally different reason:

Wise Blood – Loud Mouths

The vocal is not beautiful, and it won’t make you catch your breath (James Vincent McMorrow at St Pancras Church did by the by – see him if you can) – if anything, it’s another one that sounds a little warped, but it’s intriguing to say the least and has a great piano part which effectively anchors the rhythm.

It’d be great to see a dance routine choreographed to this one, especially with all the dramatic pauses afforded by the piano and the eerie choral-sounding vocals. Not so sure about the lyrics though…

This is a track by Wise Blood, R&B act Chris Laufman, who “released” his free debut EP ‘+’ (which is no longer free) in 2010 and has just signed to New York label Dovecote Records. There’s a new EP coming this Spring and a full-length after that – if this whets your appetite, there’s more on Hype Machine