This mix was on in the office the other day (tracklisting here). It’s by Romy from the xx and features tracks from Massive Attack, Elastica, Smoke City and… Björk. So last Friday a week ago I decided to go through her back-catalogue – or at least what we had of it on our system (which is a lot) – and managed to remind myself just how much of her music I love.

Aside from the remix here:

Bjork – I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One – Sunshine Mix)

I thought I’d post up links to a few others from her first two albums. This track is from Telegram, a full-length remix album released in 1996 and other favourites are…

Björk - Telegram (1996)

From Debut (1993)

Human Behaviour
Venus As A Boy
Big Time Sensuality
Violently Happy

From Post (1995)


Army of Me
It’s Oh So Quiet
I Miss You

I love it when that happens.