The Strokes - Heart In A Cage (2006)

I wasn’t really expecting anything from this film. I know Sofia Coppola directed The Virgin Suicides (incredible film) and Lost In Translation (Oscar-winner I’m yet to see)…but I remember her from The Godfather Part III – and then as an actress, not a director – which, needless to say, wasn’t the best of the Trilogy.

So I went to the cinema willing to give it a fair go and, although it didn’t seem to have a discernible or forward-moving plot, nor particularly leave me with feelings of empathy towards any of the characters by the end of the 97 minutes it ran, it was a beautifully shot and quietly understated film.

The one scene that stood out for me was the under-water tea party Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning, who played his on-screen daughter, had in the swimming pool of their hotel – mostly because of this song:

Julian Casablancas – I’ll Try Anything Once

It’s stripped back, simple and heartfelt – perfect for the playful and also sentimental moment shared by father and daughter towards the close of the movie. It’s also, I think, the B-side to the 2006 release Heart In A Cage and an early version of what was later released as You Only Live Once, which sounds completely different.

I wouldn’t watch Somewhere (2010) again myself, but I wouldn’t ever tell someone not to see it. Unless they only like action movies.