Miguel - All I Want Is You (2010)

I’m a massive late 90s R&B fan and sometimes a bit of a snob about it in a “they don’t make ’em like they used to” way.

R&B and hip-hop that gets me these days is few and far between and actually mostly down to work folks (Alex & Matt, especially) who send it my way every now and then… The-Dream, Drake, new Ciara etc…etc…my indie-ridden mind possibly wouldn’t have noticed it without their influence nudging me to nostalgia and making me remember to seek it out.

But I found this one all by myself.

Miguel – All I Want Is You (Feat. J Cole)

Soulful, lyrical hip-hop – I had no idea who either of these two were until today (MJ Cole’s doing hip-hop? What?). It’s so smooth I feel like it could have been feat. K-Ci & JoJo without the harmonies or… Babyface maybe? Don’t get me wrong, though – Miguel does it beautifully.

Miguel, signed to Jive Records (Sony), released his first album called All I Want Is You in November last year and J. Cole, the first artist signed to Jay-Z‘s label, Roc Nation, has an album due out at some point in 2011.

There will be more – I guarantee it. And I eat my snobbery-tinged words.