Anika - Anika (2010)

Heard about this late last year in a “This would be perfect for the next installment in the Kill Bill saga that’s out in 2014” spirit – and her self-titled album was released on Stones Throw in December.

It was produced by Geoff Barrow (Portishead) and, aside from the odd doppelgänger-esque similarity she bears to Uma Thurman, the nonchalant and dismissive altered vocals mixed with retro beats, sirens and general fuzziness would, I think, actually fit the first film well.

When I played this to the folks at work I caveated it with a “You’ll either love this or absolutely hate it”. It isn’t melodic or warm or comforting in any way, in fact it’s actually a bit of a psychedelic freak-out of a sound. Music to listen to during a bit of a wandering-around-pulling-hair-out-not-quite-sure-what-to-do moment.  It’s even kinda punky dub at times.

Anika – Yang Yang

You can preview the full album on the label website and actually there are a couple of other tracks on HypeM as well – Terry, End of the World (cover – genius), I Go To Sleep – all equally fuzzy and a little insane. She’s playing The Lexington on 26 Jan which I’m sure will be – to echo the words of Stones Throw – “…an experience in uneasy listening”.