Michael Leonhart - Seahorse And The Storyteller (2010)

This song is not called what I thought it was.

Had a bit of a fright, if you can call it that just now, when I went to listen to “The Story of Echo Lake” and didn’t get this song.

Think it must be tagged wrong on my iTunes because apparently I’ve listened to that one before even though I don’t remember having heard it. The song I was intending to post is:

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 – Gold Fever

It’s another eerie one – soundtrack to wandering the streets of London late at night observing the covert interactions of the after-hours populace. Maybe the end credits to a doomed love story…or the theme tune for a private detective-led mystery…or film noir. Even the slight waver in the vocal has a hint of “distraught” to it.

The version I heard originally didn’t have a sax in it…I personally prefer it without ( :O )

It’s from the band’s debut album, Seahorse And The Storyteller, released on Truth & Soul Records in May last year and they’re from New York.

Keeping this one short as I’m on my old PC for one night only and the post has already taken me twice as long as it normally would.