Darkstar - North (2010)

Silly me thought it was Thursday yesterday, when actually it was Wednesday.
So there are two more posts…this being the first.

Slowed down, minimalised (don’t think “minimised” is the right word here…) version of The Human League 80s synth-pop “You Remind Me Of Gold”, from their 1983 EP Fascination!

Darkstar – Gold

It’s Track 2 on Darkstar’s 2010 album, “North” which was released on Hyperdub Records in October. Less synthy, less 80s, a little more eerie but in an updated and understated electronic sense rather than organs or tubular bells. It does have a piano though…

I feel this would be the perfect track to end the year with – I never would have seen myself listening to something like this a couple of years ago…when singer-songwriter/indie/rock, R&B/hip-hop and the odd cheesy pop track (ahem!) were mostly what I loved.

2010 has been a second year of broadening musical tastes for me – given a nudge by my time at Five Missions More and gigs with Meetup, before a full-on shove into the deep from Tonic.

It would be the perfect track to end my year with but…unsurprisingly, I just can’t help myself.

Last one of 2010 tomorrow.