Edwin McCain - Misguided Roses (1997)

This is probably another song to add to the teen-angst zone that also featured Band of Horses, Vast and Lifehouse – I’m fairly sure I first heard it on Dawson’s Creek (quick IMDb confirms yes, it’s likely I did…way back in Season 1, 1998).

Edwin McCain – I’ll Be

So why is this coming up now? No – I wasn’t given a DVD box set of Dawson’s Creek seasons 1-6 for Christmas (one for next year’s list?) or I hope I would have known that was where I heard it.

I was in Monsoon yesterday just having a wander and this came on over the PA. Nice and unexpected (unnecessary extra word there) surprise in the post-Christmas, pre-New Year lull that brought back memories of my teenage years. I like when that happens.

I’m not going to end my blogging year on this note, don’t worry – there’s another one coming tomorrow. I just wanted to share this with anyone else who might have been a tad addicted to the story of the intertwined and incestuous love lives of Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter and little Joey Potter before she became Mrs. Cruise, back in the late 90s.

Dawson…or Pacey? Dawson…Jack…Pacey? No, Dawson….No, Pacey…

I think I might be forgetting someone… look out for her in Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling in January in the UK.