Depressed Buttons - Qwerty (2010)

This track makes me happy.

Depressed Buttons – Ow!

Fairly strange, not really a “song” as such – more a sequence of electronic sounds and… squeaks? It’s an odd one for me – I was listening to a stream of music I found on various blogs and nothing was standing out, then this came up and it made me smile. OK, and dance in my chair a little.

I played it in a Sushi Session and the EP randomly came into the office the following day. Spooky…

It’s by an electronic club act who used to be in a rock band called The Faint, according to, and they’re from Omaha, Nebraska. Their EP is called Qwerty which is, in itself, a reason to write about it (have you ever tried typing those letters in sequence?).

Released tomorrow on Philly label, Mad Decent – funnily enough, not depressing in the slightest.