Orly EP - Orly (2009)

A bit of jazzful soul from Manhattan – google can’t even find this girl’s MySpace right now but her June 2009 self-titled EP is available to stream in full from her bandcamp page.

Orly – Why

This is my favourite of the 6 tracks – with the laid back, neo-soul style – but also check out “Sit Back” for a lazy Sunday afternoon lie-in (yes, “afternoon”…) and “Love” for a bit more attitude. “Be With You” is available to download for free for an e-mail address.

Where it was Andreya Triana‘s raw acoustic soul that made for an enrapturing live performance, I think Orly would just ooze easy and natural.

Would love to hear news of any future live dates in the UK – hear John Legend’s doing a show at the Jazz Cafe. Any support slots going?