Just when I thought I had overcome my addiction, with several of my favourite TV *dramas* either permanently migrating to the television archives (Legend of the Seeker, Dollhouse, Heroes, 24) or entering the bi-annual UK hiatus allowing for replacements (Grey’s Anatomy, Being Erica, 90210, Being Human) – I’m currently left with Spooks, Gossip Girl and on and off One Tree Hill – another one comes along.

VAST - Visual Sensory Audio Theater (1998)

I’ve recently discovered Nikita.

Some of you may remember the secret government assassins of La Femme Nikita (Dark Angel took it a step further with genetic modification) – this is effectively a follow-up after Nikita’s escape from Division and season one has just been picked up by Living TV.

I had just finished watching episode 2 when a trailer came on for the next episode, soundtracked by this song:

VAST – Touched

I’ve written about VAST before, “Please Don’t Take Your Love Away” from their 2004 album, Nude, but this one is taken from their 1998 album, Visual Audio Sensory Theater. I did not remember this, but it also featured in the soundtrack for one of my other favourite TV shows, Angel (Joss Whedon = Legend).

It’s the sample that I love this song for – a choral sample – and I think it was the perfect choice for the trailer.

Power and purpose soundtracking a mission to bring down Division.

If you’re a fan of spies and conspiracies, you may well become a fan of Nikita.