Forest Cry - Whtie Hawk (2010)

This track has such a latin feel to it… but not in an obvious way. It’s the percussion loops, mostly, and the vocal samples. And I know this isn’t what’s being said, but in my mind…the repeated lyric is “The Emirates”.

What more could a Gooner Girl want?

It’s a track by unsigned Icelandic artist Forest Cry and he has, at present, 70 plays on (for a remix and 3 other tracks)

Forest Cry – White Hawk

There’s only one track on his MySpace page (this one) but I actually found it on the dipped in dollars blog about a month back. I would like some more but all I can find are:

Summer Lie


Rhythm & Fire

Similar repeated vocal sample and percussion loop tracks but disappointingly nothing to do with Arsenal.

I’m waiting to see if there’s a release coming soon voicing further support for Arsene Wenger’s Red Army…