Glasser - Ring (2010)

It might be a little late in the day to get your hands on tickets for the gig at the Macbeth tomorrow but I just checked and there are still tickets available for Madame Jo Jo’s on Tuesday – I have no doubt both will be incredible.

Glasser is one woman, Cameron Mesirow, and this is the first track from her debut album, Ring:

Glasser – Apply

It’s the first track I heard from the album, and it immediately became my stand-out, though I’ve heard more people mention Tremel (there’s also a Jamie xx Remix).

You can hear the predatory, tribal element from the first few beats in what, to me, is a preparatory dance before going into battle.

I’m making it sound more aggressive than it is – it’s much more a show of strength and power than aggression…perhaps more a story than a battle cry and the tribal call melts into harmony later on in the track. The vocal style is controlled and intense, in a similar way to Karin Dreijer Andersson of Fever Ray/ The Knife, but with a sweetness that softens the hard edge.

It’s hard to believe the layered flares of sound are produced by one person.

The album was released on 27 September on True Panther Sounds.