I came across this when work asked for it in, and was updating The 10 yesterday after about a 4 month stagnation when I remembered it.

Tiago La Is Losing The Plot EP - Tiago La Is Losing The Plot (2009)

Tiago La is a persona of Drew Brown, signed to Lex Records – according to my good friend google he’s considered a bit of an enigmatic recluse and has also released material under the monikers “Cokedance” and “Paper Jones” and collaborated with Beck.

I hadn’t noticed this before but, vocally, he does bring Elliot Smith to mind – and has drawn comparisons to that effect.

He released a 6-track EP as Tiago La Is Losing The Plot in January 2009 which is a diverse array of sometimes dreamy, sometimes off-kilter pop featuring this track:

Tiago La Is Losing The Plot – Jettisoned (Interlude)

I didn’t really understand the ‘Interlude’ part until I listened to the lyrics…and I’m still not sure if I’m over-thinking or it means what I think it does but:

I always thought interludes were 30s-1min interruption tracks on mostly hip hop albums that often contain little skits or short vocal bursts. This is 2 mins and 5 seconds long – but the song is about somebody being “jettisoned” because of their name, religion, race, last name, time, place, and other so I think it’s about being thrown off your path by factors outside of your control, and the ‘Interlude’ indicates it’s a temporary glitch.

Anyway, this one’s quietly powerful, with the repeated chords on the piano, and ‘Hostage’ (my other favourite on the EP) is more funky and sounds Beck-influenced to me.

I’d love to see him live and I’m really looking forward to the full-length, which is hopefully coming.