Beats International - Let Them Eat Bingo (1990)

I was writing a blog post for work yesterday, and Crystal Waters came up – it reminded me I’ve been meaning to write about this track for a good couple of months.

I’m not talking Professor Green and Lilly Allen, I’m talking Beats International. From 1990. A.k.a. Fatboy Slim before Rockafeller Skank (which I actually liked until She’s All That) + bandmates.

One of the best indecipherable intros ever written but also one of the best intros to attempt to sing along to and some random “mmm-mm-mm-mmm” humming thrown in too. The track features vocals from Lindy Layton, who sings the *Lilly Allen part* (Ahem.).

Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me

I know I wasn’t even in double-digits when it came out, but I wasn’t (that) young at University – and it was still a floor filler then, along with Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) and Tom’s Diner…admittedly we were also dancing to S Club 7 around that time…but clearly only in an ironic sense. Clearly.

I should also mention – it’s a re-work of a bass line sample of “Guns of Brixton” by the Clash and “Just Be Good To Me” by S.O.S. Band. And look what I just found….Shabba!