Bit of a crazy title, eh?

I’m feeling a bit spaced-out and dreamy at the moment. The music isn’t helping (or maybe that should read “IS” helping…?):

Twin Sister – All Around And Away We Go (No Merry Go Rounds) Coolrunnings RMX

Twin Sister - Colour Your Life (2010)

The original is good, but not as dreamy-electro, so I’m posting the remix, which is by indie surfers from Knoxville, Tennessee (see their MySpace for where I got that from) – Coolrunnings. Incidentally, it was Coolrunnings that added the “No Merry Go Rounds” requirement.

When you were a kid (or even now if you play fuderi), did you ever cross hands with a friend and spin each other around and around until you fell over from dizziness? That’s what this song reminds me of…those seconds where your hair’s flying all over the place and you’re trying really hard not to let go. But actually the image of your friend across from you as you both experience those seconds.

The original is from Color Your Life, a release by New York-based experimental pop band Twin Sister on Infinite Best Recordings and they’re playing The Lexington in London in November.