I’m about to say something big: This is my track of the year so far.

(Well… I thought it was big)

Jai Paul – BTSTU

Jai Paul - BTSTU (2010)

I don’t even know what genre the track fits into, if any – perhaps R&B, maybe a bit hip-hop, definitely experimental – along the lines of whatever you’d call a How To Dress Well-style vocal (or even Justin Vernon if you want to go that way) over a wobbly bassline.

He seems to be a bit of a joker and has tagged the track as:

“Jai” “Paul” “Pop” “Wonky” “Hip” “Hop” “Soul” “Bass” “Force” “One” “BTSTU” “Straight” “Outta” “Rayners” “Lane”

Note the “Rayners” “Lane”…North West London Boy! Not even sure what BTSTU stands for but I’m afraid to dig for it in case it’s some secret acronym coined by the young folk that I just don’t get.

The vocal takes you out soaring into space, the bassline brings you back – a brief glimpse into the wonders of the future with a pulsating reminder that you’re not there yet. At least that’s what it does for me.

Downside – seems to be a Chelsea fan.

There are a couple of other 30s demo clips up on his last.fm page right now, so guessing an album will be coming soon…