The Guardian reviewed the album this song comes from back in October 2008 – it’s by Ralfe Band, the heavily folk-influenced Oly Ralfe and Andrew Mitchell along with various contributors, whose second album, Attic Thieves, was released on French label Talitres Records.

Ralfe Band - Attic Thieves (2008)

The review seems to suggest the album is ‘samey’ – a word I hate but that I feel inarticulately summarises the lengthy penultimate sentence of the review into a single adjective.

Although I don’t feel well-placed to comment on that sentiment having only listened to this one song on repeat that I can remember, I do wholeheartedly agree with the reference to this pick as a “fabulous instrumental”:

Ralfe Band – Big Head

For me, it’s the solitary waltz of a lonely carnival clown with a single tear of sadness inked on his pale cheek. Or a  mystical guide attempting to teach a noble yet flawed hero an important lesson before he is able to fulfill his destiny. Or…Guillermo del Toro’s  mythological faun…?

I think I’ll give the full album a listen. Available on Spotify and we7.