If you’re looking for something that sounds dark and twisted – come on, who isn’t? – this be the band to try.

My Toys Like Me – Bats

My Toys Like Me - Where We Are (2009)

We’ve had the album in the office for a good long while but I hadn’t gotten around to listening to it until a few months ago and unfortunately it was bright and sunny a lot of the time around then. It’s become an album for when things are a little strange…quiet, dark and most definitely by myself.

Haunting and eerie yet playful and quirky at the same time – the ghouls and goblins to Esben & the Witch’s vampires and werewolves – with song titles like Grin & Wiggle, Superpowers and Young Lovers (note the flute in this track) their last.fm biog describes them as “beautiful freaks”.

I could, and do, listen to Where We Are over and over and every time I do it transports me to a fantastical land of magic and mystery…but not one I’d send children to, toys or no toys.

The album was released on Dumb Angel Records in May of last year and I really hope they play live soon.