Rafter - Animal Feelings (2010)

I almost dismissed Rafter entirely without even listening due to an inherent prejudice I have against anything to do with the ‘F-word’.

Band names (no F*** Buttons, F***ed Up, Holy F*** for me), song lyrics unless absolutely necessary/iconic and definitely song titles – Rafter has one such song.

I decided to just ignore said song and move on to this one:

Rafter – Timeless Form, Formless Time

Immediate happiness ensued within the first 5 seconds of the intro – it sounds like it could be used on the intro to Bertha if they ever decided to update the theme tune – boosted just a little every time the tinny sound that in my mind is a spoon being tapped against a cheese grater hits.

I’m ignoring the über-sweet lyrics in the chorus and the multiple uses of the word “love”. It’s just happy. And sweet. And bright. And I like it.

He’s from California, his name is Rafter Roberts, and the song is from his album Animal Feelings, released on Asthmatic Kitty earlier this year.