This probably isn’t the first song that comes to mind for most people when they think of rain.

Grant Lee Buffalo - In My Room (Friends Soundtrack, 1995)

There isn’t an obvious lyrical reference to rain, no rain sound effects, it doesn’t even mention water (unless you count crying)… but as I’m sitting here watching 4od distracted by the tapping…no…pounding torrential rain against my window this evening, it’s the one I can’t get out of my head:

Grant Lee Buffalo – In My Room

It’s a great cover of an old track by The Beach Boys.

What’s the relevance? It was used at the end of Friends Series 2 Episode 8: The One With The List. The song was played by the radio station after Rachel with the “chubby ankles” calls to tell them what Ross did to her. It was raining.

They don’t want to play his song anymore.