Born Ruffians - Say It (2010)

I feel like it’s almost the end of the Summer, which is odd, given we have almost a full month of it left! Refusing to accept it’s gone so fast so posting another fitting track for the season.

There’ve been a lot of great releases this Summer – some of my favourites being Big Echo (The Morning Benders), Treats (Sleigh Bells), Sharing Notes EP (Breton), Brothers (The Black Keys), Compass (Jamie Lidell) to name a few, ok the last two are technically Spring releases – and the album this song is taken from, Say It, is another:

Born Ruffians – Sole Brother

It’s from (yet another) Canadian band I like, Born Ruffians, signed to indie label Warp and is laid back, summery beach party indie. Pretty similar to Magic Magic (I can’t believe the awful joke I made at the end of that post! Lucky I don’t do that anymore…) in style, actually, but a bit more retro, bit more happy.

Other favourite track on the album is What to Say.

It doesn’t look like they have any plans to be in the UK any time soon but the record was released in May so maybe… I’d love to go.

We still have a month to listen to the album in context but when Summer ends, I’m sure I’ll still be listening to it to remind me of the sunshine while I prepare for hibernation…