The reason I’m posting this song is a bit roundabout. I love the song – and I think it’s a great album. BUT, the main reason I’m posting it is because of a little dude on the train a few weeks back.

Foals - Total Life Forever (2010)

He was on the tube with, I think, his mum & dad, and his even little-r dude brother. He looked about 13-14…and…he was wearing a Foals T-shirt.

How frickin’ on it is that? To be wearing a Foals T-shirt at 13-14 years old. Assuming it wasn’t an enforced wardrobe choice by his “my kid’s going to be cool” mother or father, and that he was actually 13-14 and not just awaiting a growth spurt, he is way ahead of where I was on the ‘cool’ scale at his age.

Two words: Global Hypercolour. (Apparently, they’re club-wear now. So maybe it was I who was ahead in the ‘cool’ stakes…? Yes I’m ignoring the fact that they were 80s and it was the 90s already.)

So little dude. If you’re out there somewhere partying to the new Foals album, this song is for you:

Foals – Total Life Forever

It’s the title track from the album of the same name, released in May on Transgressive Records, by Oxford-based indie band, Foals. They’re touring like crazy right now.

Back in London on 12 November at Brixton Academy.

Reckon little dude will probably be there, even if I’m not.