There are a few reasons I wanted to write about this band.

The Swiss - Bubble Bath EP (2010)

1. The Song – It’s an electro-disco party track, with a great title

2. The Nationality – They’re Australian. I love Australia. And Australians.

3. The Photo – I think it’s a great photo. I didn’t take it, Sarah did.

4. The Keyboard player – The band DJ’d at the Tonic party mid-June and the dude sat on the couch in front of the decks, hitting his board every now and then to produce the crazy electronics you hear below.

I think that’s enough reasons.

The Swiss – Bubble Bath

The band are signed to Modular, are from Adelaide, Australia (where every new character on Neighbours was from back in the day. As opposed to Perth, which is where they went to after a stint on Ramsey Street), and their Bubble Bath EP was released in February.