No, not some dark and tortured literary essay about the inevitable and necessary demise of one half of everyone’s favourite star-crossed lovers.

Romeo Must Die - The Album (1999)

It’s a film starring Jet Li and Aaliyah – and this post is about the soundtrack.

I was going to just write about Aaliyah and the long list of her music that’s made me sigh/smile/dance over the years but decided to mix it up a little and try to give it some context.

The movie was released in 2000, and we’d (my brother and I if I remember rightly) been waiting for it for ages. Jet Li, not Leonardo DiCaprio (though I love that soundtrack and film), cool trailers with images of combat-sequence x-ray shots and what promised to be an excellent soundtrack. Plus, who doesn’t love Aaliyah?

None of the above disappointed, but unfortunately can’t say the same about the plot – not the best interpretative storyline ever devised.

Luckily, this is a MUSIC blog – so here are some of my picks from the soundtrack:

Try Again
Come Back in One Piece
Perfect Man
We At It Again

Buy those tracks and have a 16 minute party wherever you are at 18.04 today. No particular reason other than that I’m hoping it’ll start in the lift on your way out of your office and will be a nice surprise for your fellow travellers in the run up to the weekend.

How funny would it be if they did it too…? (I’m guessing the odds of that are slim to none :p)