This post has been a long time coming. One month coming, in fact.

Sleigh Bells - Treats (2010)

I’ve been meaning to write it since I saw them at The Great Escape in May – saw a lot of fun bands over that weekend, mostly in the indie-rock and electro-pop vein but for me, Sleigh Bells were the highlight.

I feel that’s a pretty bold statement…they stood out for me amidst a lineup that also hosted The Ruby Suns, Warpaint, James Yuill (who I’ve written about/had seen before), Chew Lips, Crystal Fighters, Pony Pony Run Run, Hungry Kids of Hungary and more (who I haven’t). Lots of indie-rock, lots of electro-pop.

Which is partly why, I think, I loved their set as much as I did.

Sleigh Bells – A,B Machines

Massively heavy bass, crazy beats and shouty vocals. They had my attention within the first 10 seconds of taking the stage.

Entirely appreciate they’re not to everyone’s taste – they’re not easy on the ear, they won’t make every single person in the room want to dance (not even the folks I was at the gig with), but they are different from anything else I heard over that weekend and I just bought their newly released on Mom + Pop Records album, Treats.

The band is Brooklyn-based twosome Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss and, something that surprised me after their live show, they do some non-beatsy, non-shouty, lo-fi, pop too. Check out Rill Rill, or Infinity Guitars for some rock.

Full album available to stream on here. They also have a track that has a fairly similar-sounding riff to Up In Here by DMX.

Did you find it yet?