If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me raving about the new album from The Black Keys, Brothers, on Thursday last week.

The Black Keys - Brothers (2010)

It was another one of those moments for me where I heard something, and loved it so much I had to play it on repeat all day to get it out of my system. I still haven’t had enough, so I’m still playing it a week later. This time though, it was one of those rarer moments where it was a whole album and not just a lone song.

It has a soulful, swaggering, attitudal (I’m not sure that’s a word), retro, blues-rock vibe to it. That may not make sense until you hear it.

Fairly White Stripes-like but less aggressive, this is my favourite track from the album:

The Black Keys – Never Gonna Give You Up

One of the more soulful songs, I thought it would be fairly funny if I made a Rick Astley reference on the last.fm page for the song. Turns out I wasn’t the only or the first one to make the connection…I posted it anyway. :)

The album was released in May on Universal and is, I think, their 5th full-length album. They’re playing at the Roundhouse on 23 June but it’s SOLD OUT.