There are only a couple of NY-themed posts to go – I’ve decided to skip some because the photos weren’t so clear.

Right by where we were staying near Union Square is a fantastic brunch restaurant called Danal. Not only do they serve traditional English breakfasts (eggs, bacon, sausages, the whole shebang) and full-fat American breakfasts (chocolate chip pancakes and maple syrup – Mm-mmm), they also do the “healthy” thing for those of us who had already O.D.’d on the holiday food and needed a bit of a breather (yoghurt & muesli).

The lattes come in big bowls – so big that the waiter felt the need to confirm that that was what I actually wanted, a big bowl of latte, rather than a normal cup of coffee.

I seem to remember them playing Bublé BUT, I’m going to post a Jamie Cullum cover instead, because it also allows me to reference what’s possibly my favourite Pharrell track:

Frontin’ – Jamie Cullum (Radio 1 Live Lounge)
Frontin’ – Pharrell ft. Jay-Z

Please note that the puppy in the bicycle basket may not be there every time.

59 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 982-6930