Going from thrashing retro rock to down-tempo, minimal electronica…

CALLmeKAT - Fall Down (2008)

This is a song by Danish female vocalist, Katrine Ottosen, who goes by the name CALLmeKAT – the alternate capitalisations aren’t me, that’s how it’s… *spelt*?

CALLmeKAT – Do Your Trick

This one’s a little bit eerie, menacing even, and I think that’s why I like it. The contrast between the soft, almost vulnerable waver in her voice at times and the accusatory tone of the lyrics is fantastic.

It’s from her album, Fall Down, released on Scandinavian label Playground Music – but I could only find it available for digital download in the UK.

She’s also done a down-tempo, theatrical stealth version of Toxic. Yes, the Britney Spears Toxic.

They could not be more opposite if she sang it backwards.