So there are about 100 songs queued up in my ‘to-blog’ list – which means there may be a bit of a wave coming.

Band of Skulls - Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (2009)

The first one is:

Band of Skulls – Death By Diamonds And Pearls

I was going to post ‘I Know What I Am’… mainly just because the lyrics mention Taco Bell – the best fast food in the world ever – but decided I like this song better.

First came across them on a playlist for The Great Escape Mark put together (thanks Mark!) and was really disappointed we didn’t get to see them when we were in Brighton – I think we’d just been to see Chapel Club and were too far away from the venue to make it in time.

They’re playing the HMV Forum in October which is far too far away for me to think about getting tickets for now…but their dirty White Stripes-style retro sounding rock is severely tempting me to plan in advance.

Band of Skulls are London-based (yes!!) and this song is from their 2009 album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey – which I possibly would’ve bought without hearing just because of the kick-@ss name :), and probably will end up buying because it’s sounding like a fun rock record…

(available to stream in full on spotify)