A little homage to The Great Escape now – I’ve been wanting to write about this song since Alex told me about them in December last year, I think. The album was on repeat in the office constantly (at least when I was in charge of the ‘air’) but it wasn’t released in the UK until March….and then I forgot. Oops!

I always said if ever they were over here from New Zealand I’d be on it like a shot – so when I heard they were playing at The Great Escape I was so excited. Rounded up some folks to come, got my ticket, all sorted. Only to find out they’re ALSO playing at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in June. I’m going again.

The Ruby Suns – Mingus and Pike

This is my favourite track on their third album, Fight Softly, released on Memphis Industries.

I can’t believe they only got third level billing on the festival poster. Not 1st level big writing, or second level – we know a lot of people will know who they are but not everyone – mid-size writing…third level tiny writing!! On Thursday!!