The choice this morning was this or Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja by Lost Prophets…I figured Shinobi was probably a bit heavy a first-thing-Monday track for most people (perhaps better for a Wednesday…?), especially since it’s been sunny all weekend, so went for this instead:

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

Jamie Lidell - Multiply

On first listen (if you ignore the lyrics – which I did – and focus on the summer beats and soulful vibe) it’s a happy addition to the Summer playlist that could’ve been written in the 50s/60s/70s by Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Little Richard or a similar Soul-Jazz hero of that era.

The track was on Jamie’s 2005 album, Multiply and on the Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 Soundtrack but his new one, Compass, will be released May 17 on Warp followed by a show at London’s 229 on May 19.

I listened a little more closely after the first time though – and it seems to be about how things used to be so easy but aren’t anymore, haven’t turned out they way you wanted them to, making the same mistakes over but… throwing your hands up and enjoying what is good so you can “least go under with a smile”.

Maybe I should’ve gone with Shinobi…?