Yesterday’s post reminded me of these guys and I don’t want you to think of them as ‘angst-y teen rock band UK’ (unless that’ll make you listen to them, in which case please do…), so I thought I’d post the song that made me smile and jump around when I first heard of them a few years back.

Air Traffic – Charlotte

Air Traffic - Fractured Life

It’s pretty much a happy indie track with catchy riffs and great sing-a-long ‘oh-oh-oh-o-oh’s (or air guitar if you’re that way inclined…)

From their 2007 album, Fractured Life, the song sits alongside Shooting Star, Time Goes By (although I can’t seem to find the version I downloaded free from their website at the time anywhere – the acoustic is close but no cigar) and Just Abuse Me.

I hear there’s a new album due out this year and apparently mailing list members have been sent previews of one or two of the songs…but I’m not on it :(

Been wanting to see them live since I first heard this, but every time they’re around, I seem to not be able to make it – this time I’m gutted I can’t make Bush Hall on 29 April.

Any more?