Adidas are quickly becoming the Pilooski ‘re-edit’ Kings.

Pilooski - Can't There Be Love

First the Frankie Valli track, Beggin’ on their House Party ad – I didn’t realise this until a guy who shared my old office told me, but that ad was filmed at house parties across different locations and edited together to look like one massive party meaning Missy and Becks may not actually have been at the same House Party…

Now, and I think I might like this one even more, Pilooski’s worked his magic on Dee Edwards’ ‘Why Can’t There Be Love?’ in another Adidas Originals ad, this time Neighborhood.

Pilooski – Can’t There Be Love

Heard it during the Arsenal v Barcelona phenomenal comeback match today and rewound Sky+ 3 times to try and identify it. (Shazam first time didn’t work, MusicID did, gave Shazam a second try just to confirm, still didn’t get it :().

I had downloaded it from iTunes before the ad break ended.

Ace track, which I’ll no doubt be playing frequently this summer, along with all the clubs that played Beggin’ last time around.

Do it again…go on…