I’ve been trying to post about this track for a good couple of months now, but haven’t been able to find it uploaded anywhere streamable – there’s been more buzz about Eyes Down and The Keeper, both ft. one of my favourite current soul vocalists, Andreya Triana.

Bonobo - Black Sands

But the album release is approaching and the control-grip seems to be loosening a little – so I was able to find it on youtube:

Bonobo – Kiara (YouTube)

I’ve been daydreaming in the sunshine for the last few days. Clear blue sky, crystal-clear sea, intense heat and it turns out my gut-instinct attraction to this song was strengthened by my surroundings, particularly when on a boat…

The stand-out track, for me, on the Ninja Tune-released latest from Bonobo, Black Sands, is an elegantly woven tapestry of beats and synths.

The album’s out in the UK on 29 March and available to pre-order here.

I just ordered mine. Now for the boat…