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Had an interesting (albeit brief) conversation with our intern this week, prompted by a listen-through of the new Sade album, Soldier of Love, about Nostalgia.

Sade - Soldier of Love

There’s been a bit of a neo-soul revival lately. Maxwell, Erykah Badu, and I understand D’Angelo have recently joined or will soon join the movement.

I was really excited when I heard – these artists occupy a significant chunk of my teenage listening history and even an intro-snippet of iconic tracks like “Sumthin’, Sumthin'”, “On & On” and “Cruisin'” evoke a welcome chill and warm, nostalgia-laced smile.

I’m sure when artists that hold such a special place in the hearts of so many release “new” material, many of us hope it sounds pretty much the same as the recognisable “back in the day”… as opposed to a more updated sound?

As an artist, creative development must be as necessary a food for the soul as… Read more