Twisted Firestarter....

Another “I’ve been thinking…” post – this time syncs across different media and the impact they’ve had on me, personally. The list could become fairly substantial so I thought I’d focus on 4 types, with one track for each.

Video Game:
Aside from the mind-penetrating, specifically composed Mario Brothers theme tune from the original Nintendo game, the standout sync moment from my computer game-related past was The Prodigy – “Firestarter” on Wipeout for Playstation. I could play to that song over and over again because, for me, the motion and momentum of the track perfectly complimented the speed of the gameplay.

Advert: Another computer game, this time Tomb Raider Underworld, which used the simultaneously melancholic and euphoric trip-hop anthem Lamb – “Gorecki” in tandem with visuals from the game. More of a pensive track that builds momentum for a strategy-focused adventure mystery.

Film: The 2005 Grammy Award-winning soundtrack to the movie “Garden State” featured, amidst for me a genuinely standout selection, Zero 7 – “In The Waiting Line”. The combination of the interwoven slow-motion, blurred and fast-forward visuals with the overall hazy feel…Read More