Voice of the Seven Woods

If you got to this page through my twitter feed (@nishajl), you may have seen me raving about Voice of the Seven Woods‘ self-titled release this morning.

Buying this album was long overdue – Rick Tomlinson at Cafe OTO was my entirely unexpected gig highlight of last year but I mentioned him, and the gig, as part of an Otis Taylor post before discovering his performing name. So there’s been no explicit reference to Voice of the Seven Woods up here until now.

The album is mostly instrumental acoustic guitar folk but there’s some psychedelic electric guitar and a few tracks with more of a Spanish,  maybe Old West feel as well – Second Transition, Sayat Nova and The Smoking Furnace, in that order.

I remember distinctly from the Cafe OTO gig the audience reaction pretty much fell into two categories – those that were a bit bored, fidgety and felt the need to “powder their noses” several times during the 20 minutes or so of guitar solo and those who, myself included, were completely absorbed in and hypnotised by the intensity of the performance.

I always said I would jump at the chance to see him again and it’s finally come up – thanks Charlotte for pointing it out – Rick’s back on Feb 16, again at Cafe OTO, but this time under the moniker Voice of the Seven Thunders, as part of the Requiem for Jack Rose show.

The new album, due out this month, is available for pre-order on Tchantinler Recordings – I won’t be waiting 6 months before I have this one in my hands!